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"This is a sampling of some of the demonstration sequences that I wrote and performed for Kurzweil Music Systems and later Young Chang Americe. These were created by playing and recording one track at a time using the onboard sequencer (if there was one - the 1000 series instruments had sounds only). As you will hear I have an eclectic musical style. My goal was to use the instruments in a "real world" environment, and after sixteen years of gig experience (at the time) I knew what I was after in terms of sounds. The result is what you will hear here. Except where noted I played all of the parts. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I enjoyed creating them."

K2500 Demos

  • "Tenderly" - MP3

  • "Sunrise" - MP3

K2000 Series Demos

  • "You Touch My Soul" - MP3

  • "For Carlos" - MP3

  • "Roman Fanfare" - MP3

K1000 Series Demos

  • "Prime Time" - MP3

    Mark Sinko on digital guitar

  • "Jammin" - MP3

    Mark Sinko on digital guitar

  • "No Win Blues" - MP3

    Mark Sinko on digital guitar

  • "I Miss You Girl" - MP3

  • "Ain't Got Know" - MP3

  • "Takes My Breath Away" - MP3

  • "Time After Time" - MP3

K250 Demos

  • "Beethoven's Fifth" - MP3

  • "It Could Happen Any Day" - MP3

  • "Rain Forest" - MP3

  • "Solitude" - MP3

  • "Softly As I Go" - MP3

  • "Fast Swing" - MP3

  • "Garden Party" - MP3

  • "So Fine" - MP3

  • "Requium" - MP3

All music © Steven Johannessen,
ASCAP, Rude Boys Music

On the right: This shot was taken at the Kurzweil NAMM booth in LA. Here I am giving a demo to keyboardist/producer Tom Mgrdichian. Tom was really good at sequencing and had some of the best, tightest horn sounds around.